Visible Pores? Here's How To Make Them Less Noticeable

by YunAlex

Visible Pores? Here's How To Make Them Less Noticeable

Did you know that visible clogged pores are not unique to oily skin? Yes, pores can be seen because of genes, age, and cosmetics used. The last one is quite important because you may not know that your skincare product may contain comedy ingredients.
Comedogenic ingredients, such as coconut oil and beeswax, have a higher probability of clogging your pores which can lead to blackheads, uneven skin texture, and even breakouts. Sadly, there isn't a way to really certify that a product is non-comedogenic or oil-free — even when the product's claims say so — since these claims aren't strictly regulated.
If you've religiously avoided these products but still have visible pores, don't fret! There are a lot of ways to minimise the appearance of visible pores. Here are some solutions you can try.

Cleanse your face twice a day

Sebum, dirt, and leftover beauty products can all clog your pores and make them more visible to the naked eye. One simple way to minimise the appearance of your pores is by washing your face morning and night (or only at night, if you have dry skin!) with a pH-balanced cleanser or one formulated for acne. Regular cleansing also helps reduce inflammation and the excess amount of sebum on your skin, both which make your pores more obvious.


BANILA CO Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm Pore Clarifying 100ml

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Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate

 When regular cleansing isn't enough, try exfoliating your skin regularly. You can try mechanical exfoliation (like using facial scrubs or exfoliating facial tools) or chemical exfoliants such as lactic and salicylic acids, or a combination of both. Just remember to use these products properly and in the right intervals, such as twice a week at minimum and every other day at most, since inflamed skin can actually make large pores look bigger than they actually are.


OHUI Clear Science Soft Peeling 100ml

Treats dead skin cells and makes skin transparent.
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Introduce hyaluronic acid-infused skincare to your routine

Sagging skin can also make pores look bigger because there's not enough elasticity in the skin surrounding them. Skincare that contains plumping or firming ingredients can help minimise them. In fact, hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal injections, which plumps up the skin by attracting moisture into it, have been found to help with minimising the appearance of pores. If you're not comfortable having HA directly injected into your skin, you can look for everyday skincare products — specifically moisturisers and serums — that have it on their ingredients lists. The effect will take a little longer to show up compared to dermal fillers, but patience is key!


MEDICUBE Zero Pore One-day Serum 30ml

Instant & cumulative pore refining results
1. Reduction in pore size appearance after one day of use
10.8% reduction in pore appearance

2. Long lasting pore refining effect with two weeks of consistent use
Blackhead/Whitehead -13%
Sebum and oil production - 20.1%
Skin bumpiness -6.3%

3. Pore moisturizing care clinical results after one day of use
Surface moisturization +3%
Internal moisturization +1.3%
Skin brightening +12%

Use retinol

Products with retinol and retinyl palmitate can also help improve your overall skin texture. Retinol is actually prescribed by derms to those who have oily, acne-prone, or mature skin to help improve skin elasticity. Most derms recommend introducing over-the-counter retinol into your regimen as early as your mid to late 20s in the form of serums or moisturisers that you apply once a day. Retinol’s effects have been shown to appear as quickly as two weeks (for prescription retinoids) to three months (for over-the-counter products).


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Go for a professional pore extraction or exfoliation

If the previous methods don't work, it's best to consult a dermatologist. They can help diagnose the root cause of your visible pores and offer safe, medical-grade solutions too. One of these methods can be extracting the built-up sebum and dirt that's clogging your pores with proper tools that won't traumatise or scar your skin.


MEDICUBE Zero Pore Pads 2.0 155g 

 Dual textured toning pads infused with a unique blend of natural ingredients to help exfoliate dead skin cells, clear sebum, and help minimize the appearance of pores.
Zero Pore Pads remove residue and gunk from the surface while hydrating skin at the same time. Troubled skin is treated and soothed to reveal visibly clearer and smoother skin. Formulated with AHA Fruit Complex that gently exfoliate and deeply penetrate to clear away buildup, dirt and debris from pores. It also contains patented botanical formulas dermatologically tested to reduce sebum production and help reduce the appearance of pores.


Microdermabrasion is another possible solution that skin experts may suggest; it’s a procedure where the top layer of the skin is manually exfoliated with a handheld machine. It not only helps improve your skin tone but it also boosts the benefits of anti-ageing skincare since it helps them better absorb into your skin.