[Recommend] OMT Wireless Rechargeable Face Washing Brush Massager Cleanser

by YunAlex

I will recommend affordable vibration cleanser.
I used an expensive cleanser, but it broke down and I bought this inexpensive cleanser device.
There are three color options.
Red, baby pink, and blue~!
I chose baby pink.
This device is very light and easy to carry.
It's easy to take when you travel, and your wrist is not uncomfortable when you use a device to cleanse. :D
There are three cleansing options. It can be used in high-speed mode by pressing the power button and pressing the + button, and in high-speed mode by pressing the - button.
 When I use this device, I don't use more than 2 minutes and one part for more than 15 seconds. If you're worried about irritating your skin, I recommend using the same method as me.
You can wash your face thoroughly with an this cleanser.
As a result of constant use, I felt that it was helpful in removing blackheads and exfoliating.
If you're worried about irritating your face, I recommend using it once or twice a week. :))