[Korean Cosmetic Review] NOONI Daily Turnover Peel Pad 145ml

by YunAlex

[Korean Cosmetic Review]

NOONI Daily Turnover Peel Pad 145ml


A lot of people use Peeling Pad these days, especially Nooni Daily Turnover Peel Pad! It's getting harder to take care of your skin due to wearing a mask for a long time, so let's take a look at the Nooni Peel Pad that has great strengths in removing dead skin cells and washing sebum that is the cause of skin trouble!


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NOONI Daily Turnover Peel Pad 145ml

Two types of AHA, Papain Enzyme gently melts dead skin cells and White Willow Park Extract takes care of pores and sebum. The dead skin cells, blackheads, and whiteheads around your nose are always stressful, but if cleaning products are not enough, try this product! In the past, many people would have scratched and squeezed their hands to remove blackheads and dead skin cells. Now, try removing dead skin cells on your face with the Nooni Peeling Pad that is a 100% pure cotton pad that is easy to use without irritation.


Both containers and pads are white, so you can feel the freshness and moisture even before using them, right? Even if you use it, it's refreshing and moisturizing, and the finish is refreshing. You'll feel your face clean even if you use it once.










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NOONI Daily Turnover Peel Pad 145ml

Since peeling products can't be used every day, it would have been a shame for people with oily wastes not to be able to take care of them every day. For this product, you can use it every day with low irritation, so you can continue to take care of the accumulated wastes! It cleans away dead skin cells, but it's popular because you can use it every day without burden.


It doesn't just wipe off dead skin cells, but it feels like it's moisturizing. It doesn't linger long and absorbs quickly to complete the firm skin. It's also a strong point of peeling pad.









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NOONI Daily Turnover Peel Pad 145ml

It's different on both sides, but on the other side, it's made of embossed and on the other side is made of soft side. If you apply it on the bumps on your face like dead skin cells and sebum, you can easily remove the waste. If you turn it over to the other side and sweep down the skin with a soft side, you can feel the skin smooth once more smooth.


It's a water type essence, so you can get a clean and clean feeling rather than a thick moisturizing pad. Since it's closer to exfoliating pad than a moisturizing pad, I highly recommend this product to people who have dry skin!







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NOONI Daily Turnover Peel Pad 145ml


Nooni Pad for daily exfoliation and skin texture, regardless of morning and evening. Especially for those who have concerns about sebum and pores and have rough skin texture and don't wear makeup well.