Hwanyugo Imperial Youth Cream Special Edition

by YunAlex

Hwanyugo Imperial Youth Cream Special Edition

Exquisite Embroidery Craftsmanship
The Legend of Youth



The newly launched Hwanyugo Imperial Youth Cream Special Edition

combined traditional Korean embroidery craftsmanship with the legend of time-reversing youth. The whole plant of a 35-year-old wild ginseng, precious youth-preserving herbs in addition to the latest technology to balance the five elements within the skin. Your skin is restored and regenerated with reduced wrinkles, improved elasticity and a youthful glow.


 Premium Oriental Herbs as Core Ingredients

This time-reversing Imperial Youth Cream is velvety in texture, with a subtle matsutake scent. Plus more than 70 premium oriental herbs including natural wild ginseng, deer antler, polygonum multiflorum and snow lotus, encapsulated using the latest technology to regenerate skin to 10 years younger.


 Genuine Blessing from the Arts of Korea

The Special Edition is embroidered with Phoenix and Peony - symbolizing health, eternity and prosperity; and the butterflies - symbolizing the perpetual beauty of the Empress and her joy of peace. This exclusiveness masterpiece of artwork together with its boasting prestigious ingredients and superb time-reversing formula make it the perfect gift for your loved ones or simply just for art collection.

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