How To Do 5 Trending Korean Makeup Looks Inspired By K-Celebs

by YunAlex

How To Do 5 Trending Korean Makeup Looks Inspired By K-Celebs

Do it like BLACKPINK Lisa, Lee Sung-Kyung, & more
Are you curious how K-beauty is doing lately? Trending Korean makeup looks are still constantly evolving, with so many celebrity looks emerging. If you haven’t caught up on the latest, we’re here to help you brush up on what’s new and how to achieve them. From K-idol lashes to cool-toned smokey brown lids, here’s how to do five trending Korean makeup looks inspired by our favourite K-celebrities.

 1. BLACKPINK Lisa’s glossy orange-brown lips

BLACKPINK Lisa is always trending because of her stunning beauty looks be they from music videos or just her casual Instagram posts. The latest reason why she’s the talk of the town is because of her attendance at the jewellery show.
Her gorgeous look at the brand’s event, which was also attended by her fellow Bulgari ambassadors Anne Hathaway and Priyanka Chopra, featured a beautiful two-piece yellow dress and stunning jewels, complemented by a simple yet beautiful fresh makeup look.
It’s not the first time we’ve seen glossy orange-brown lips from Lisa. The choice of the shade is a cross between just-bitten and levelled-up nude. We’re glad she’s worn the look with both casual and formal outfits to show off its versatility. (ICYMI, BLACKPINK Jisoo has her version of the look too.)
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🗸How to do this Korean trending makeup look:
 1. This first step is optional but highly recommended. If you’re totally committed to channelling Lisa’s lush lips, prepping your puckers with a lip scrub or a lip balm is the way to go.


2. Once your lips are nicely prepped, take your lipstick or lip stain and dot the product around the inner centre of your lips. Using a Q-tip or your finger, gently spread the colour outward, creating a blurred gradient effect. Repeat this process until you’re happy with the look.

3. Let the product set nicely and blot out the excess with a tissue to make sure the colour won’t move.

4. Pack on that gloss, pucker up, and you’re all set.










 2. Cool-toned soft smokey eyes like Lee Sung-Kyung

 K-beauty usually leans more on sweet and peachy looks but it’s currently being overtaken by this sexier yet still very subtle smokey eye look seen on actress Lee Sung-Kyung. The cool-toned shadow gives the eyes a foxy lifted look that follows the skin’s natural contour. It’s completed with some tight-lining around the lashline, a soft highlight in the lower waterline, and feathered-out lashes, resulting in a fierce yet still casual vibe. South Korean dancer Hyejoon Jeong was also seen with this look.





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🗸 How to do this trending Korean makeup look:

1. Using a fluffy eyeshadow brush, cover your lid with a cool-toned brown eyeshadow, following the natural curve of your crease. When you reach your outer V, softly drag the brush towards your temples to create a lifted illusion. With the same brush, diffuse the sharp edges of the shadow and drag the colour to your lower lashline.
2. Once you’re satisfied with the shading, get a soft shimmery eyeshadow (preferably a stick) and lightly highlight your lower waterline (around your aegyosal). Blend, blend, blend to make sure it’s not too harsh and that it mixes well with your smokey brown shadow. This will give the look a nice pop and a youthful appeal which is still the centre of many K-beauty looks.

3. Tightline your upper lashline to create the illusion of thicker lashes and to really complement your smokey eyes. Swipe on some mascara but don’t go heavy-handed since you still want the look to appear light and wearable even during the day.








3. ‘K-pop idol lashes’ like (G)I-DLE’s Miyeon


‘K-pop idol lashes’ are like the K-celeb version of supermodel Twiggy’s 60s lashes minus the mascara clump. The look highlights separated doll-like lashes that give a wide-eyed effect but are still very nice and light to look at. (G)I-DLE’s Miyeon perfectly nails this look, which is also seen in actress Lee Se-Young and Momoland’s Nancy.





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🗸 How to do this trending Korean makeup look:

1. Curl your lashes to get them nice and lifted.
2. Apply lengthening mascara. Go for thin coats if you’re doing more than two or three layers to avoid heavy-looking lashes.

3. Once you’re done, use the tweezers to separate your lashes into doll-like segments.

4. Happy with how you’ve set your lashes? Take two toothpicks or any thin wooden sticks and carefully heat them. Gently clip your lashes between the two wooden sticks close to your lashline to ‘iron’ them out and keep them in place. Do this for a couple of seconds and remove the sticks after. That’s it! Your K-pop idol lashes are ready for their close-up. 










4. Apple cheeks like TWICE’s Dahyun and Momo


While lifted eyes are entering K-beauty similar to its popularity in TikTok, blush trends remain the same. Since Korean makeup trends are still all about that youthful beauty, many celebs like TWICE’s Momo and Dahyun still do theirs with the colour concentrated on the apples of the cheeks for that cheeky playful vibe.



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🗸How to do this trending Korean makeup look:

1. Do your makeup as you usually do.
2. Once your base is beat and ready, smile and apply the blush on just the apples of your cheeks. Make sure you build the colour instead of immediately packing it on to make sure the colour turns out natural.

3. After applying the blush, look at the mirror with a straight face. If you used a powder product, get a clean fluffy brush and diffuse the blush in circular motions on the apples to deal with any harsh edges where the concentration of the blush stops. For cream products, let the product set for a bit before using your fingers to tap the product lightly onto the skin to achieve the same effect.

4. Finish your makeup like you usually do and set your makeup with a setting spray. Once the setting spray is dry, repeat Step 3. This will make the blush pop but still melt more naturally onto your skin.





 5. Berry lips a la Jessica Jung

Pinks and nude lips are still much preferred by Korean celebrities, but when they choose to go bold, they go for a plump berry lip. K-Pop star Jessica Jung and Kim Se-Jeong love this trend. It’s a good alternative to a red lip since it has a similar impact and yet the shade is more subdued. Berry lips are also versatile and easier to wear.



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🗸How to do this trending Korean makeup look:

1. Similar to our first trend, prepping your lips as the first step is optional but recommended. Just like the rest of your face makeup, having a nice smooth base is key even for your lips.
2. Instead of applying the colour directly to your lips, tap on the lip colour using either a disposable lip colour applicator, a Q-tip or your middle finger. This will give you better control over the application and would give the lip look a powdery, diffused look. You’d like to concentrate the colour on the inner corners of your lips too and make the edges a lot softer. This will give the illusion of plumper lips without the need for overlining.

3. Once you’re happy with your lip colour, it’s time to add the gloss. However, don’t swipe the product all over your lips. Dot the product on your lower lip then gently smack your lips together to give the lips a more natural shine. This also ensures that your base lip colour doesn’t move around and simply melts onto your gloss for a more natural-looking finish.

Looking like your fave K-celebs doesn’t have to be complicated. After you’re done having fun with recreating these Korean makeup trends, don’t forget to pop on an extra dose of confidence to pull the looks even better.



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