HERA Wish Rocket Collection

by YunAlex

👨🏻‍🚀 HERA Wish Rocket Collection 👨🏻‍🚀



In a world full of blues, there’s a light that never goes out.

Enter the haven of your sweetest dreams. As the year is coming to an end with this festive month, we invite you on magical ride into otherworldly adventures on the HERA

#WishRocket — an extraordinary exploration of all-things beauty.

An intricate expression of his own worldly visions and imagination, Bang Sang-Ho’s art invites you to perceive the beautiful world he envisions with your own eyes. Psychedelic, bizarre, but totally universal.

Welcome to a brand new land imagined by @bang.sang — a kaleidoscopic explosion of positive energy and dreams-come-true.

Building a surreal world. The HERA Wish Rocket Collection brims with colours, stories and hope, courtesy of @bang.sang’s transformative visions. Perfect as delightful collectibles for you or your loved ones.












🚀 HERA Wish Rocket Collection 🚀


HERA Wish Rocket Collection Black Cushion 15g+refill 15g

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- Magnefit pigment is applied to achieve a thin, uniformly non-agglomerated cover over a large area with a small amount
- A texture with three different size cover films applied closely and smoothly along the curves of the skin
- Puff with multi-pores for thin and uniform adhesion even on curved skin






HERA Wish Rocket Collection Shadow Palette 11.5g

 - A shadow palette that creates a sparkling make-up look with a variety of colors like exploding stars
- From base to glitter to eyeliner color #all-purpose palette






HERA Wish Rocket Collection Highlighter 11g


- A special collection full of glamorous, sparkling and hopeful moods
- A highlighter that creates a natural three-dimensional effect with bright and colorful pearls filled with starlight
- The colorful pearls beautifully reflect the light, giving it a clear and transparent luster





HERA Wish Rocket Holiday Collection Sensual Fresh Nude Tint 7ml
- #178 Wisher , #491 Spicy


 - Lip tint that absorbs with a moist sensation and blossoms a fresh color on your lips
- The natural color and glow blend in evenly with the lips and stay intact for hours
- Pure, fresh colors to replenish natural vitality. Meet the pure colors that brighten the skin tone with vitality




Collaboration between HERA, a brand representing the beauty of Seoul, and Bang Sangho, the most trendy artist in Seoul.

The psychedelic world of the HERA universe. A celebrated artist from Seoul, Bang Sang-Ho breathes life into the Wish Rocket Collection with his intricate yet poignant illustrations.

"HERA's Wish Rocket with hope depicts a bright and lively Seoul in 2022"


 A fantasy realm awaits — you’re invited on an extraterrestrial journey on the #WishRocket to explore what’s above and beyond. What’s your goal for 2022?