#Festival makeup is like this!

by YunAlex

#Festival makeup is like this!

Festival makeup idea

The upcoming festival season!

The distancing has been lifted
It's been covered by a mask
When you show off your makeup to your heart's content!


It has an exciting festival mood
Let me introduce the makeup idea.



 Face Gem ✨


A look caught on SNS of Jennie,
who recently enjoys Coachella!


For clean and not dark makeup
Attach it as if connecting the eyes with a face gem.
It created a dreamy atmosphere.

It is unique and not difficult, so it is easy to follow.
Jenny's Coachella Mate and Heize Card,
who runs the beauty brand 'Simi Haze Beauty',
used her own brand's eye stickers to show off gorgeous eye makeup.
You just have to stick it on the area you want.
It's perfect for festival makeup as you don't have to worry about it being erased by sweat.

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LUNA Lighting Up Formula Pot 4.2g~4.7g
Glitter that can shine from shimmering glow to point glitters.

CLIO Pro Eye Universe 0.6gX16, 1.8gX2
It provides a clear color that lasts for a long time without worrying about the dryness.
PERIPERA Sugar Twinkle Liquid Glitter 1.9g
Bling-bling glitter opal pearls in various sizes and wide reflection angles produce a diverse range

 Color Eyeline 🌠

The look Haley Bieber chose at Coachella
this time is a funky makeup using blue eyeliner.
The bangs of the eyes were lit up with shimmery white eyeshadow,
and a subtle skin-colored glitter was put on the eye hole,
and then the aegyo skin under the eyes was smeared with blue eyeliner.
A festival not to be missed
Even braid hair
It gave me a lively feeling.
Stephanie Hui,
a beauty tic-talker who became a hot topic
with videos showing off various makeup.
Use ice blue color eyeliner
Draw the corners of your eyes in the shape of a cat eye.
It made the eyes look like they were open.

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 HINCE New Ambience Color Eyeliner 0.6g

Slim color pen eyeliner with impressive colors





Merzy The First Easy Drawing Gel Eye Liner 0.14g
The easiest 2mm precision, from waterlines to coners.




APRILSKIN Double Up Liner 0.14g
Easy slim line that does not need to be sharpened with a sharpener!



Highlight the eye hole ✡️

Iris Apatow,
who often shows eye makeup using color eyeshadow
through social media.
Its feature is that it fills the eye hole with colored eyeshadow
and uses black eyeliner
and mascara to create a neat eyelash and eyeline look!
Reminiscent of the 90s makeup
that filled the eyelids with colored eyeshadow,
it creates a retro atmosphere
and completes the eyes with a strong presence. 
Dua Lipa used purple, yellow, and pink glitter eye shadows
to fill in the eye hole as if it were a natural connection
of colors to complete a brilliant eye makeup.
If you use glitter eye shadow like this
Like the highly saturated matte eyeshadow,
you can fill in the eye hole naturally
without drawing an elaborate line.
However, don't forget to make
your eyelashes and eyeliner stand out
clearly as your eyes may look swollen!

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 DEAR DAHLIA Blooming Edition Garden Of Light Palette 9.7g
Blooming Edition 3 - Luminus Garden Collection with colorful lights and soft colors that color the fresh garden





MERZY Your Routine Eye Palette 12.2g
It's a multi-palette configuration where shadow and blusher coexist in one hand.






ETUDE HOUSE Play Color Eyes Palette
-#Good Morning Camping 6g
Light tone 10 color palette full of sunshine and freshness of the forest camping site





What makeup would you like to follow?