Best & Recommended items of Laneige

by YunAlex


[About Laneige]
Laneige has been studying moisturizing mechanisms in the skin for 26 years with the view that "moisturizing" is the source of all skin problems. Laneige constantly observes customers' lives with passion for new and innovative ideas.
Laneige's efforts not to be afraid of new things continue to develop innovative products and create new Beauty Retials.
Laneige spreads K-BEAUTY and gives women around the world a brighter beauty.





♡ Best & Recommended items of Laneige ♡




1. Cream Skin Refiner

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- It's a milky type skin that applies smoothly and moisturizing without irritation.
- It has an excellent oil-water balance that permeates the skin lightly without stickiness.
- It permeates the skin lightly without stickiness to complete the glossy makeup



How to use

-Take an appropriate amount of toner in your hand in the morning and evening and tap it to absorb it.
-Wet the cream skin with a cotton pad and use it as a moisturizing skin pack. Put it on for about two minutes, then remove it, tap the remaining amount and absorb it, and you can feel the immediate skin calming and moisturizing effect.
-Put cream skin in an empty bottle and use it as a mist. If you spray it frequently when your skin is dry or after makeup, you can feel the natural glow effect as well as moisturizing effect.






2. Neo Cushion_Matte

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- It's a matte cushion that covers 24 hours perfectly as if you were born with just one touch.
- Ultra-light cover powder makes you feel thin and light like your skin.
- Implement a natural matte fit that sticks like your original skin without clumping.
- It maintains consistent makeup even during outdoor activities or hot weather.

How to use
- Take content with the puff, apply on the face in the direction of skin texture in a pushing motion, and gently pat to make the application adhere to skin. To increase coverage, apply once more.
- If the content no longer comes out after deeply pressing the cushion with the fingers, it means the content is used up; replace it with a new refill container.








3. Radian-C Cream

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- It's a cream that transforms shiny skin and light tone skin in just two weeks with the power of Dual Vitamin.
- The advantage of vitamin cream is that it feels like vitamin cream is absorbed deep into the skin.

How to use
Apply an appropriate amount of cream in the morning and evening and apply it from the inside to the outside in the order of cheeks, forehead, nose, mouth, and neck, then press lightly so that it absorbs well.







4. Water Sleeping Mask EX

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- Moisturizing mask that restores the skin rhythm that has been disorganized during the day and creates clear and transparent skin
- You don't need to wash it off and fall asleep. You can experience different skin the next morning

How to use
- After applying it at the last step of skincare, fall asleep without washing your face. The next morning, you can feel the softened skin.
- On days when your skin is especially dry, you can apply it 2-3 times repeatedly.





5. Lip Sleeping Mask EX

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- This is a lip-only sleeping mask that gently melts dead skin cells overnight and makes your lips smooth.
It's a lip night care product that gives you the best lip condition the day after you wake up.

How to use
- Apply thickly with an exclusive spatula before going to bed.
- Wipe gently with tissue or cotton pads the next morning.