Best & Recommended items of A’PIEU

by YunAlex


♥The name “A’pieu” originates from the combination of English “A”, which means first, and French “pieu” which represents foundation and basic. For you who are preparing the first gift for your skin, it is a cosmetic brand that makes your skin look beautiful and shining by strengthening the foundation of your daily skin with the most basic and pure natural energy.


Beauty should be pure. We firmly believe that in addition to being trendy and affordable, beauty products should be made to accommodate all skin types, which is why all of our products are formulated based on sensitive skin. A'PIEU offers a wide range of trendy, affordable, and non-irritating products that keep skin energized and youthful. 





♡ Best & Recommended items of A’PIEU ♡



[A'PIEU] Madecassoside Ampoule 2X 30ml
 1. Madecassoside Ampoule 2x
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- Madecassoside concentrated sedation ampoule, which further enhances the healing and calming of weakened skin.
- Simple intensive soothing without worrying about ingredients with only 2 ingredients
- Quick soothing and moisturizing power with sophisticated ingredients
- Concentrated water ampoule formulation with high absorption
- It provides an improved calming effect on sensitive skin due to external environment
We recommend for those
who are stimulated and need to calm down quickly
who are looking for light water type but seek deep calming effects













    [A'PIEU] Juicy-Pang Mousse Tint #BE01

    - Comfortable and soft finish without clumping

    - Moist inside, soft outside, not sticky

    - The fruit color is colored as it appears, keeping the fruit color for a long time.

    - Light and smooth, No adhering to wrinkles

    - Mousse tint that creates soft and lively fruit lips













    [A'PIEU] Born To Be Madproof Mascara (6 Types)

    3. Born to be madproof Mascara

    - Features to look long like my eyelashes

    - Features pretty eyes for a long time with a powerful fixing effect

    - Featured one by one as if you've extended your eyelashes

    - The curling is maintained for a long time to create clear eyes.

    - Features colorful eyes for a long time with added volume. 


    We recommend for those

    - who want to look long like eyelashes with powerful fixing effect

    - who want to create clear eyes with eyelashes

















    [A'PIEU] Mulberry Blemish Clearing Ampoule 30ml

     4. Mulberry Blemish Clearing Ampoule

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    - It is moisturized skin to focus on blemishes, freckles and freckles

    - Ampoule to overcome blemishes that make your skin moist and clear for 2 weeks.

    - A concentrated transparent water formulation that spreads smoothly on the skin and absorbs moisture to finish cleanly without stickiness


    We Recommend for those

    - who want to mitigate blemishes, freckles and freckles

    - who want to maintains clear skin











     5. Juicy Pang Meringue Blush


    - Juicy Pang Meringue Blush for a clear and natural life without any bumps

    - Sebum Clear Powder maintains smooth and vivid fruit color for a long time.